Jumper Wire Machine
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JF-600 Jumper Wire Forming Machine
Equipped with carbide steel die set, easy operation and maintenance.

  • Speed : 7500/H
  • Power : 110V/220V AC. phase 60HZ/50HZ
  • Size: L440 x W440 x H570m/m
  • Weight: 37 Kgs
  • Automatic material feeding system. fully automatic without man-power.
  • Using Tungsten Carbide Too to assure durable and long life.
  • Easy to adjust Length from 5-42mm without change mold.
    (2.5-42mm is Possible for custom order)
  • Special feeding system without damaging the wire. Easy adjustment and maintenance.
The Lead length (H) is fixed. Kindly specify the requirement in order

H Lead Length 3.5.8 m/m
L Lead Width 5 - 42 m/m
W Wire 0.6 - 0.7 m/m

JF-760 Jumper Wire Forming Machine
Cost saving, no copper waste during operation.  One lead length can be adjustable.

  • Speed : 7500/H
  • Power : A110V/220V AC. 60HZ/50HZ
  • Size: L800 x W400 x H600m/m
  • Weight: 50 Kgs
  • Features
  • No waste material.
  • Emergency stop device is installed.
  • With Quantity pre-set device.
  • LED Display for Counting.
  • h Lead Length 0 - 12 m/m
    H Lead Length 3.5.8 m/m
    L Lead Width 5 - 30 m/m
    W Wire 0.6 - 0.7 m/m


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