Power Transistor Former
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  RT-500 Automatic Power Transistor former

Rugged construction and easy adjustment of the machine offering various types of component forming. An easy to see control panel, simple and easily reachable mechanical Construction, quick and easy set-up of the machine allows effective work and easy operation. The speed of the machine can be adjusted continuously to suit requirements. An optional preset counter is available.

  • Suitable for stick packed power transistors or similar components.
  • Tooling set is changeable for various kinds of forming.
  • Easy maintenance and simple operation.
  • Forming speed adjustable continuously.
Dimensions of the basic machine:
460mm (L), 360mm(W), 340mm(H)
Weight: 18 Kgs
Power Supply: 230V/115V 50HZ
Performance: Max 6,000 comp./h

GD-1500 & GD-1500A Automatic Power transistor former

Compressed air drive, cost effective, flexible for various types of loose radial forming by exchanging tooling set. Automatic feeding and forming the power transistor  to specification by exchanging tooling set. Equipped with component feeding devise.  precisely control the feeding and forming operation. The operator need only loading the stick (tube) packed components and activating the pedal.

Fully Automatic model is available: GD-1500A

Optional tube-in tube-out (stick package) device are available for this model. 

* Equipped with adjustable tube holding devise. Convenience for tube loading and feeding the components. 
* With precise component release/holding devise. 
* Working angle adjustable for smooth the feeding.
* Tooling is available for large variety of forming type,

Specification:  Capacity: Up to 5,000 pcs/H.
Size: Length 400mm(15.7"),Depth 300(11.8"), Height: 200 (7.9").
Weight: 15kgs 
Air source: 5kgs/cm

GD-1500A Fully Automatic Power transistor former



AR-110 Pneumatic Parts Lead Cutting Machine
available for various electronics parts lead cutting, power transformer, capacitor, resistor, etc.


  • Size : L420 x W300 x H200 mm
  • Weight: 8kgs
  • Air Source: 5kgs/ cm2
  • Customized model, Driven by Air With Twin Air-Cylinder, flexible for small and medium lot of components.
  • Suitable for vatious types of Radial Lead Components such as Crystal, Capacitor,Resistor etc incorporate with tooling.
  • Forming and cutting operation in one step.
  • Compact design and convenience for tooling exchange.

YF-900 Automatic Loose Transistor Forming Machine

Efficient to form and cut the tradition transistors. YF-900 transistor former process up to 4500pcs/per hour with vibrated bowl feeder, suitable for mass production line used. Customized die set tool is available to offer you various forming types request

  • Customized model. Tallor make for customer's specification. Five pallet stations suitable for mass production.
  • Automatic feeding system equipped with automatic Bowl feeder combined with linear feeder that controlled by photoelectric sensor.

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